two essays about contemporary latin america less than 1 000 words of each

Question #1:

  • How has the US backed War on Drugs in Latin America changed the nature, geography, power-dynamics and methods of international drug-trafficking? How effective has it been in halting the flow of drugs into the United States?Do you think there are viable policy alternatives? Why or why not?
  • Question #2
  • In the present era of globalization in Latin America, we have examined the unprecedented rise of criminal violence over the last 30 years. Drawing on what you have learned about Colonial and Cold War Latin America, identify and analyze the most significant historical roots of contemporary social, economic, and political issues that drive contemporary violence and suffering in Latin America. How do colonial and Cold War legacies map onto present-day conflict in Latin America? You must draw examples from at least three countries.

No outside sources. Sources will be provided.

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