for Jaque

The letter should be about 700 words.  If you don’t know what a professional letter is supposed to look like, chat with me or look it up online.

Focus your reflection on these issues (they don’t have to be in this order):

1.  How was the HE experience?  What was the most significant thing you learned?  If you had taken HE before, what made this experience different?

2.  If you were responsible for revising the HE program, what would you change?  What would you keep the same?  Why?

3.  Specify whether you are a hunter, a non-hunter, or an anti-hunter, and discuss the HE program in the context of your philosophy toward hunting.  

4.  Did you feel safe during the HE field day?  Why or why not?

 i felt safe 

5.  Is there any value in retaining a test that requires a demonstration of shooting proficiency, or is simply demonstrating safe handling enough?

6.  There are a few hunters who believe HE should be retaken periodically, like every 5-10 years.  What do you think about this strategy?  Why?

7.  If you had never taken HE before, how did your family and friends react to you taking HE?  If you had taken it before, how did your family and friends react to you taking it again?

For this assignment, the grading rubric is as followings:

2 pts:  professional letter (editing, format, organization, length). 

3 pts:  answering the questions listed above in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner.  

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