practice and learn the tracert command

part 1: proved answer under the question, keep it simple no more than 6 sentences.

With the brief introduction, below are the inputs expected for this Lab Submission:

  • What is DHCP and DNS?
  • What are the essential software/tools that are used (e.g. Hyper-V, PowerShell etc) for operations?
  • Any hardware configuration requirements?
  • What are the major features (usage/outcome) of Window Server 2019 DHCP and DNS?
  • If you are to install/setup Window Server 2019 DHCP and DNS onto your Laptop, where you may likely encountered technical issues?

part 2

The purpose of this Lab, is to practice and learn the “tracert” command more indepth. Please follow instructions outline below. As you execute, please capture the execution results (screen shots) by copy/paste into this document accordingly. Your lab results submission should be your version of this document.

1. Open your favorite PC Command Line Interface (e.g. For Window OS, it is CMD).

2.Explore and run each command below.




Please capture

a) The number of “hops” (Column 1).

b) Number of “Request timed out.” Entries.

c) Run “tracert” again.Is the IP address listing the same as seen in run #1?

3.Conduct a network routing trace, from your PC to your prior/home school website (e.g. Shenzhen Polytechnic).Please identify the major routers/gateways etc, and elaborate the major factors affecting the network speed.

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