the question and the expectations are present in the requirements section

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You are called by your Chief Operating Officer (COO) one day. She tells you that you are being temporarily reassigned, that she heard about the interesting ideas you have been advocating for within your normal department. She tells you that she is intrigued, but that she wants to apply them in a department that is much less stable than the one in which you typically work. She asks you to act as an internal consultant for a department that is undergoing some changes both in strategic direction as well as in structure. She tells you that you will be acting as a partner with the existing manager of that department, but that you will be reporting once a week to track the progress directly with her about the evolving strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges (SWOT) of that department.

For this week’s deliverable, please deliver a well-developed report that includes: an executive summary, a SWOT analysis of your work to support the leader in defining the structural, managerial, and cultural elements already in place within that department. Please ensure a robust analysis of the ongoing and shifting issues of strategic positioning, organizational structure, sources of conflict, and opportunity to innovate with this SWOT. Finally, include a conclusion that includes specific recommendations as to a methodology that would support innovation.

Please fill in the details of what kind of department in which you will be consulting and in what kind of organizational context. Preferably, use experiences as close to your real-world context as possible without violating confidentiality or specifically naming any organization or employee with whom you work.


  • Length: 1700 words excluding reference
  • Format: APA

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