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What: You will select a social movement organization to study this semester. Pick a social movement that interests you in some way. Then, pick a local, state-level, or country-wide organization working within that movement to study. The organization should be well-known enough to have received media coverage and to have an Internet presence. Your social movement organization should be current (you could do historical research, but might have a harder time finding sources), and should be based in the United States (but could have international branches and connections).

You should not try to cover an entire movement (e.g. the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement, or the Gay/Lesbian Rights Movement). Instead, write about an organization within these movements, that has specific aims.

You must evaluate the movement critically. Using what you have learned this semester, think about how the organization has or hasn’t been successful and why. What works and what doesn’t work? What changes would you recommend they make?

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