Essays + true or false questions on the book Say You’re one of them by Uwem Akpan + report on state of children and youth in USA

1.Jubril is hiding his sister on the bus ride._______________              

2.Jubril boards a bus in southern Rwanda._____________

3.The “lost boys” are child victims from religious conflict in Nigeria.


4.What year did the Rwandan genocide take place?_______________

5.An estimated_____________ people were killed in the Rwandan genocide.


b.  500,000

c.  800,000

d. 8,000,000

6.In the Rwandan genocide, most of the dead were ____________and most of those who perpetrated the violence were___________.

7The two clashing ethnic groups in Rwanda speak the same language._____

8. Monique’s mother “Maman” died from a lengthy battle with  AIDS.______________________

9.Jubril makes a point of shaking hands with his fellow passengers using his right hand only._______________________________

10. Monique’s father tells Monique that when he dies the crucifix in their house will be passed on to the first born male in the family. _________________

Part 2

What did you learn about the lives of children from reading Akpans ”Say You’re One of Them”?  

This is a broad question that requires supplemental information (appropriately cited) in addition to what you read in Akpan.  

Use the statistical tables from UNICEF’s State of The World’s Children Atlas  

(any year going back 10 years) as well as the CIA World Factbook to provide as much information as possible relating to children’s lives in 3 of the countries that Akpan covers. 

In addition, consult any websites, articles, Wells that we have covered in class (including ones you have consulted for journal assignments). 

Organize your answer into 3 parts (one for each country) in an essay format. Each part is 15 points. Suggested length: 2-3 paragraphs per country. Proofread carefully.

You will be graded on:

  • Your comprehension of the materials you cite, depth of your analysis and integration of information and examples from Akpan in your essay.
  • The extent to which the material you include provides a comprehensive picture of the life of children in the 3 countries you selected. 
  • The overall clarity and organization of your essays.



Consult the following resource: Children’s Defense Fund

Your task is to together put together a brief report (2-3 paragraphs) on 2 of  the following 4 areas of concern for children and youth in the United States. You’ll find detailed information under the “Policy Priority” tab.

1.Juvenile Justice/ School to Prison Pipeline/ Criminalization of Children.

2. Child Poverty

3.Early Childhood Development & Learning

4.Health and Safety.

  • Give a brief general overview and provide specific examples (minimum 3) that you believe best describe the nature of each issue. 
  • Give one example of what has been/ can be done to remedy each problem?  

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