Due in 6 hours…….read full assignment…….

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Must be done within 6 hours……PLEASE READ IN FULL….

Below is the instructions for this assingment. There are 2 attachments you will work on. What you need to do is open each attachment and create a lesson plan that adds mobile technology to both of the attachments. Mobile technology is adding the use of iphone apps, android apps to get the students to do the lesson plan more better. That is all.

You will open one attachment and create a lesson plan for each (seperate document in word format for each lesson plan) adding mobile technology as noted above.

Change the documents I uploaded and add mobile technology apps, games, online games etc for each lesson plan. You are basically modifying each lesson plans and adding more updated technology to each plan.

Each plan you modidy must have its own new lesson plan in microsoft word..

Each attachment I have provided you will MODIFY and save a new version of the lesson plan adding mobile technology.

For your culminating assignment, you will ADD MOBILE TECHNOLOGY to ONE pre-existing lesson plan that previously did not include technology (not just for the purpose of adding mobile technology but for the purpose of accomplishing the goals and objectives/standards of the lesson plan using what you have determined will be the best tools for accomplishing the job.  The added benefit is to keep the students active, motivated, and interested, which goes along with meeting the goals and objectives.)  And..

You will MODIFY WITH MOBILE TECHNOLOGY one pre-existing lesson plan that did include some technology,  either adding mobile technology as appropriate or replacing the technology originally utilized with mobile technology.

(So you will be modifying two lesson plans, one originally without and one with technology.   This means finding the appropriate apps, Websites, programs, etc., and indicating WHAT kinds of mobile devices this can be accomplished with, as well as including enough detail to understand the use of the technology – even better if you can add in how it relates to accomplishing the lessons goals and objectives.  Don’t make me guess! YES, you may make other modifications as you see fit. Be sure to indicate in another color all modifications and/or additions you make to the original plan.)

Be sure to list all required items in the Materials section and specify in detail how the technology will be used.  Look back at some of the good examples we looked into for guidance.


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