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This is short answer assignment and the PPT for each chapter will be attached to this assignment. For example, at most 8 sentence on point answer for each question.  

1.      Chapter 5 – self-determination; Rothman (1989); social worker expertise versus a client’s self-determination…who should make decisions; how?

2.      Chapter 4 – know the Ethical Principles Screes (EPS); what are your own ethical principles and do they compare to the screen?

3.      Chapter 2 – social work and the law; what is a social worker’s obligation within the law; what are potential consequences – criminally and civilly? Are any protections available for social workers?

4.      Chapter 1 – general principles; what are your principle; what are the most important ones to you? In your opinion, what are the most important general principles in the social work profession?

5.      Chapter 6 – value neutrality and imposing one’s own values on someone else; can a social worker ever be completely neutral and value-free? How does a social worker decide which set of values prevail?

6.      Chapter 9 – social justice; what does it mean to you? How does it relate to ethical social work practice? How does it play out in agencies or community organizations?

7.      Chapter 11 – HIPAA requirements (general); what are the ethical implications surrounding internet therapy or the delivery of services over the internet? What dilemmas are created by this?

8.      Chapter 12 – practice in rural or isolated settings; what are the ethical issues and dilemmas that arise within these settings? What role can technology play in addressing concerns, but what additional ethical dilemmas are caused by that technology?

9.      Chapter 13 – whose responsibility are professional ethics? What support can a social worker look to for help; how would a social worker go about finding support?

10.  Chapter 3 – ethical relativism versus ethical absolutism; how would you use each of these theories to tackle an ethical dilemma?

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