DQ 1

Topic: The Application of Behaviorism

In 400 words reply to the prompt below and provide in text references and reference page. 

Thread: Part 1 – Summary of Behaviorist Theorists: From this module/week’s reading, prepare a summary of 2 different conditioning learning theories presented by Thorndike, Pavlov, Guthrie, or Skinner. In your response, be sure to name the learning theory, basic suppositions, particular behavior techniques, student motivation, punishment/reward, teacher responses, etc.

Part 2 – Application: A 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Stevenson, has two students who are constantly talking and disrupting class. She is not able to get through her daily lessons due to dealing with the disruption. Select 1 of the behaviorist theories you have just summarized and explain how one might set up a behavioral system to deal with this common classroom disruption. Also, from your readings in the Sire text, could a teacher with a biblical worldviewsupport the behaviorist’s behavior system? Why or why not? 

Link to the Textbook: https://www.researchgate.net/file.PostFileLoader.html?id=53ad2847cf57d75c068b45c5&assetKey=AS%3A273549456019456%401442230680395

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