Marketing and the Environment U4

 In the case study titled Scavenging Dumped Computers in Ghana discusses the new risks that are posed by the technology revolution that has gone global over the last two decades.

Focus your discussion on the following:

  • Are there ways to safely discard technology products that have become obsolete, or should manufacturers be required to only develop products that are 100 percent recyclable?
  • How convenient is it to recycle technologies like computers? Is there a market (beyond raw materials) for such recycled goods, or does technology advance too quickly for old products to be of any value?
  • What kinds of laws—both domestic and international—should be developed to address the hazards of the ever-increasing numbers of discarded technologies like computers, printers, servers, mobile handsets, and tablets?
  • How should ethics guide and impact those laws?

APA format , 200-300 words

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