Prof. Dan.

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1.     Introduction

2.     Reflect on the class discussion. Describe one or more comments by others that made you think about the topic differently or introduced you to new ideas. Be sure to not only describe the comments, but also to reflect on how your thinking was challenged or changed.

3.     Which additional film did you watch?  Compare this with the film watched in class. Many of the films are 8-10 years old.  Research what if anything has transpired more recently in regard to weather, availability of clean water, or water policies.

4.     Relate the themes of Catholic Social Teaching and UN Global Sustainability Goals and contemporary issues of global peace and justice to the world water crisis.  


Calculate your water footprint, comment where you rank in relation to average and suggest ways you are willing to conserve water to reduce your footprint.  Take into consideration your “Hidden Water Use” as well.

6.     Conclusion to include your thoughts on the global water crisis.  In “Running Dry”, the narrator, Jane Seymour states, “It is widely believed by a diversity of entities, that water can be a bridge to peace in the Middle East and other parts of the world”.  Comment on whether you think providing access to safe water would have the effect of reducing unrest and terrorism.

Write 2 pages double space

It’s due Jan 27, 17.

Here is the Link for the Video:

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