Using at least 4 works of art, please fully address all facets of the following question(s). Please identify each work you select by artist, title, and date.A consistent theme throughout the history of Modern Art is “breaking from tradition or established artistic convention.” Indeed, in painting, sculpture, and architecture, artists/architects, it could be argued, simultaneously internalized and built upon or consciously rejected that which had come before. To address the needs and/or concerns of a new, Modern age, artists and architects adopted a different and diverse (and in some cases, not entirely “new”) language to producing works of art and architecture.What works are most representative of this new/different/diverse, although wholly Modern, language? How can they be defined as Modern? What past traditions, conventions, or perceived restrictions, if any, were artists/architects breaking from? In your opinion, was this “break” conscious or deliberate or perhaps unconscious?Be sure to choose works that fully support your argument. Describe each selected work in detail–do not simply list them! Again, there are several components to this question. Be sure to answer each of them! 

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