ph Isaac Newton / #2 paper

I need two papers – 3-4 pages each

Writing a reflection paper, requires the writer to “think back” on the topics, content, and information read during the course. Then, you construct your paper based on what you learned about the topics while reflecting upon that content. When writing a reflection paper, you can summarize your main points, but you also need to consider and write about the following:

  • What did you agree/disagree with?
  • In what ways did you agree/disagree with the content?
  • How did the ideas relate to you?
  • Did the readings/videos make you question or think about something else?
  • What questions were you left with that weren’t addressed after finishing the readings/videos?
  • Be sure to share your thoughts on the “Social Media Impact” Prezi.


– The Reflection Paper should be based on the readings, videos, and discussions

– Focus on one or two elements while considering the “whole” of the course, chronologically

– Critically engage and make connections with the readings

– Share your thoughts while being observant

– Support your ideas

– 3-4 pages in length

– APA style citation/formating (introductory paragraph, body of paper, conclusion)

  • Introduction – Leads the reader into the key points you will discuss 
  • Body – Elaborates on your feelings/reaction to the subject
  • Conclusion – Ties all of the key points together including the analysis of why you reacted and felt that way

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