Education final project…itructions listed with grading rubric attached

You will prepare the classroom management plan for a specific classroom. If you are currently teaching, you should prepare the plan for your own classroom. If you are not currently teaching in your own classroom, please build your project around your vision of the ideal classroom you plan to have. Please write in present tense from the perspective of you as the assigned teacher. It is not necessary to observe someone else’s classroom for this assignment.

The bulk of resources from which you draw your information for this assignment should come from our course texts, class assignments, module presentations, etc. Specific details about what to include in the Final Project are included in the accompanying rubric. You must create your plan using Microsoft Word.

The final presentation for this assignment should consist of 12 sections to coincide with the 12 components in the rubric. Please arrange your sections in the same order in which they are presented on the rubric.

Some tips…..


The section “Determining Your Management Plan” at the end of chapter 2 is a good place to start when considering your philosophy. If you don’t already have your philosophy for classroom management and discipline in place, you should start with the models of discipline discussed here. A teacher’s philosophy is based in the degree of control he/she plans to exercise in the classroom. Once this is determined, then you can begin to think about things such as your teaching style, student motivation, how you will respond to misbehavior, etc.

Classroom Arrangement

This section discusses how your classroom is arranged, not decorated. Décor is certainly acceptable, but the focus should be on the physical arrangement. Example should be pictorial.

Classroom Procedures

Focus is on procedures, not schedules. Include the teaching strategies you will use to ensure student learning.


List form is acceptable.

Rewards and Consequences

List form is acceptable.

Record Keeping

This should be more than just a list of what your grade book entries are but it should also include an explanation of what is in your grade book, i.e., types of assignments, weights, frequency, etc. Other types of record keeping should also be included here, for example, your system of accountability for things such as conferences, conflicts, behavior, etc.

Examples and Attachments

The examples that you provide should be relative to the discussion of your classroom. All examples should be completed appropriately; blank examples will not receive full credit. This is also where you may submit additional and relevant information that pertain to your management plan.

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