Writing Assignment 8

This written assignment involves answering the four essay questions listed below. The answer for each of the four essay questions should be between one to two pages in length. I have attached a sample template for formatting purposes.Essay Questions

  1. Why is raising consciousness of White Collar Crime important, and what are some specific strategies that might be useful in achieving greater awareness of this type of crime?
  1. Identify and discuss some of the benefits and the limitations of both the positive and the negative sanctions in response to White Collar Crime convictions.
  1. Define the coercive response and deterrence as they relate to White Collar Crime, and discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of both.
  1. Discuss the specific role of the following as responses to White Collar Crime cases: Just Deserts, General Deterrence, Probation, Self-regulation, Fines, Restitution, Community Service, Occupational Disqualification, Incarceration, and Corporate Dissolution.

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