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Research Paper possible topics:

  1. How cultural factors impact parenting 
  2. How values impact parenting
  3. Evaluation of positive parenting type philosophies found within parenting programs ( eg. PP, Love and Logic, S.T.E.P. and similar)
  4. Assisted Reproductive Technology within parenting
  5. Cultural shift of parenting values in society- look back at how values have changed in the last 50 years
  6. Bonding with children (might include also laws that have helped with this)
  7. Crying and sleep (within parenting)
  8. Bulling and aggressive behaviors- passive behaviors (and the impact it has on child development)
  9. Self-concept, self-esteem (within parenting)
  10. Gender identity, ethnic identity (within parenting)
  11. Relationship building, loneliness, stressful events (issues found in parenting)
  12. Impact of working parents on the family unit
  13. Boomerang kids/ returning parents
  14. The impact of poverty on parenting
  15. Teen pregnancy
  16. Father’s role in teen pregnancy
  17. Cultural roles in teen pregnancy/and legislative influences
  18. Learning theory within development stages- birth to age two, Two to Five, Elementary, Early Adolescents, Late adolescents, and young adults. 

Listed above are 18 topic areas that are options for your research paper. Early preparation, research of references and completing a rough draft will be important for your success. 

Paper requirements

It is important that you review the rubric and apply the rubric as you write your paper.


The body of your paper needs to start with an explanation of why this topic is important. You will want to bring in current research or theory to support your discussion of the topic. You will then expand this as to why the theory, aspect, concept is important. You can also expand on parenting techniques, styles, and behavioral changes associated with your topic. Finally you will draw all your information into a summative paragraph that would support your original thought as to why the topic is important. 


  1. This is an APA format type paper. It is important for students to have some understanding of what APA format is in college. Please use the information contained within these directions to help you with understanding this format. If you have writing challenges there are a number of sources you can use. The biggest source is within our APUS library where you will find a writing tutor and help. See additional information at the bottom of our syllabus for help.
  2. The paper will have at minimum 7 pages and will be at least 1000 words, not including title, abstract, nor reference page.The first page will be the title page, second page will have your abstract, third page will start your content, and last page will be titled References. Make sure these are formatted to APA format requirements. 
  3. You MUST link the reference that you are referencing by in-text citations. Having simply a list of references at the bottom of the paper without in-text will NOT count.
  4. This paper is formatted in MS word or RTF format only. 


  1. You can not use popular media like psychology today, Redbook, Webmd, Wikipedia, and similar. They need to be academic sources. One source can be your book. 
  2. You can not use first person in writing an APA paper. 
  3. This is not a personal narration of your experiences, family, or ideas. While that personal style can lend as support to linking ideas and content in our forums, it is not the place to put those in an APA research paper. An APA paper is formal writing.

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