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Here are some guidelines to follow with regard to the Fox 29 visit.

As I mentioned in class, what I’d like you to do is share your overall impression of our trip. 500 words will be fine! Please e mail your article to me by Thursday

Ask the following ~ What did you learn about our visit that you didn’t know before?, what interested you about the show?, what surprised you the most?, did you feel it was presented well?, what impressed you ( or maybe didn’t impress you?), if you were the producer would you have done anything differently and if so, what? Any other comments?

Answers to these kinds of questions will help you formulate the wording!

For those who were not able to join us for the visit To Fox 29…please look at 3 newscasts from 3 different sources of your choice (i.e. CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. ) and take note of how the information/stories were presented using the same questions from above. If you’d rather pick 3 different entertainment programs to analyze, that would also be acceptable. ( i.e. Ellen, The View, Steve Harvey, Dr. Phil, etc.) 

The Q

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