Topic Paper: Stratification & Health


**Can be based off of Class, Race, or Gender stratification**

  • 3-5 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, standard margins.
  • Topical papers will engage with course material and social theory as it applies to the topic. I am NOT giving you a specific question or prompt for these papers. You are expected to think about the topic we have been learning about and write a paper. Generally speaking, these papers will not exhaustively cover everything we have talked about, but will engage on a narrower topic within that and flesh it out thoroughly.
  • You must use course materials in your discussion. Be specific in your use. Papers with vague general statements about course materials will receive a low grade.
  • You may use outside sources to flesh out your discussion, but are not required to. 
  • All sources must be adequately citied, using ASA style.
  • You must have a bibliography or works cited page of sources used. This must use ASA style.

Textbook: Medical Sociology, 13th edition,  2015, by William C. Cockerham. Routledge. ISBN: 978-0205896417

The information wanted for this topic paper comes from chapter 3 of the textbook listed above. I have also included the powerpoint of the course material we have discussedas well as other fact sheets . 

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