Sociology paper about education

1) Causes of the problem. What is the source of this problem? What events, values, beliefs, norms contribute to its existence? What individuals, groups, organizations, social institutions are involved? (Use specific information from the Textbook and Course Readings to discuss the causes of the social problem.)

 2) Solutions to the problem. Find ONE newspaper article that discusses a Solution to the Social Problem you have selected. Questions to consider: What types of changes may be made to alleviate this problem? Who or what would you target and why (individual, group, organization, social institution)? Describe in detail the form of the intervention. Would there be any additional problems that arise from the proposed solution?

 3) Take a personal position. What conclusions can you draw about the problem? What are your own reactions now that you have analyzed it? How do the sociological perspectives contribute to your understanding of the problem?

Submission length 700-950 words

  • Do not use any outside sources (other than the newspaper article); stick to the course materials. 
  • You must use directly reference/discuss at LEAST FOUR concepts from course readings from the textbook/materials I attached below.
  • You must include ONE newspaper article, which should be directly named and discussed in your essay.
  • Include a works cited or reference list. APA Citation.

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