Funding for Nonprofit

You will see seven essay questions below, ONLY CHOOSE THREE QUESTIONS TO ANSWER!!  Your answers should be 200 to 400 words (I will count!). Please submit a thoughtful answer with complete sentences and again, check your spelling and grammar. Type your answer under the question you are answering, you may delete the questions you are not answering. 

Questions (select 3)

Essay Question A: How does an organization decide that it needs to exist forever and therefore start an endowment?

Essay Question B: What are the most important management skills a person needs to have to be a good fundraiser?

Essay Question C: What are the chief ethical temptations or risks for a fundraiser?

Essay Question D: How should an organization manage financial trouble when it comes to cash flow and deficit spending?

Essay Question E: Think about something you own or may inherit that has market value but is valuable enough to you that you don’t want to give it away in your lifetime (jewelry, a car, artwork). What would you need to know about an organization in order to set up the terms of your will so that they would receive this asset on your death?

Essay Question F: Does a board’s fiduciary responsibility require that it always be cautious in setting budgetary goals (for example, planning for income high and expenses low)? If not, when is it appropriate for a board to take risks, and how can it monitor the organization’s fiscal progress so as to intervene when the risk-taking is showing signs of bad outcomes?

Essay Question G: Explain the needs and desires of different donors.

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