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Cultural Models

In many cultures, there is an assumption that ethnic groups should move toward some form of assimilation. Margar (2015) explores some models of assimilation—melting pot, Anglo-conformity, or cultural pluralism. Canada historically has espoused a mosaic ethnic ideal, expressed in historical policies of multiculturalism in which ethnic minorities are not compelled to fully adopt to the dominant culture but are respected as unique entities. But is the mosaic model relevant or idealistic? Is the melting pot more compelling? Does cultural pluralism compete with assimilation? What might a “postethnic society” look like?

In this week’s Discussion, you will examine national racial and ethnic experiences through the framework of these contrasting models.

Post a 300-word analysis of the Canadian model in contrast to the cultural model in South Africa. In your analysis, address the following questions:

  • To what degree is the Canadian model similar to and different from the cultural model in South Africa? What may account for these similarities and differences? Consider the factors that impact the experiences of racial and ethnic groups.
  • To what extent has integration been a desirable goal and been experienced in each country?

Due by Wednesday Aug 16, 2017

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