Assignment 311-2


1. Find an internet site for an interest/advocacy group (some examples include Tea Party, MoveOn.org, NRA, Nature Conservancy, PETA, etc). 

2. Turn in a 2-3 page report containing the name, type, and issues of the group. Describe some of the strategies that the group uses and how the interest group utilizes the website to employ the strategies Explain whom the interest group targets and the impact of the group on public policy in light of and using concepts from our readings as appropriate. Do you personally subscribe to this group’s ideas/ ideology? What do you think is the appeal of these issues to contemporary society at large?


  • APA-style formatting
  • Typed
  • 1” margins
  • Double-spaced
  • Arial or Time New Roman, 12 pt font

Assignment 2 meets the following course objectives:

  • Differentiate among the different components of civil society
  • Explain the sources of power and effects of organized interests
  • Describe processes of political action
  • Describe basic concepts and approaches in political sociology
  • Compare the social bases, organization, and interaction of political parties with other social groups and institutions

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