EDU 324 week 2 DQ 2

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See the attached example. Please list five significant historical events/leaders from this era in eduation (Chapters Three and Four) and choose two to compare and contrast. Your Discussion Forum response will satisfy the following requirements:

Chapter 3

Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

·      Plan for a State Education System

·      Founding the University of Virginia

Benjamin Rush (1746–1813)

·      Free Schools

·      Education for Women and African Americans

·      A National University

Noah Webster (1758–1843)

·      Spelling Books

·      Schoolmaster of the Republic

Joseph Lancaster

·      Monitorial schools

Robert Raikes

·      Sunday school

Robert Owen

·      infant school

Chapter 4

Horace Mann (1796–1859)

·      teacher institute

James G. Carter (1795–1845)

Henry Barnard (1811–1900)

Catharine Beecher (1800–1878

  1. Five events and the date each event occurred is listed.
  2. Two events are chosen and a Venn Diagram is completed showing (at least three in each category) the similarities and differences of each chosen event.
  3. Three of the following five questions have been answered.
  • These events are still significant today because____. 
  • If I could change the outcome of one of my listed events I would change___ because____. 
  • If only one of these events/individuals could have taken place; I would chose ___ because____. 
  • If I could change the outcome of one of my chosen events I would choose___ because____.
  • What would you say is the most important result of each of your chosen events? 

Please make sure to refer to the text.

Provided attachment of Venn Diagram

Also, provided a list of leaders in which you can use. Please make sure to only use these in comparison along with the events.

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