Assault on Paradise by Kottak 1. Why did Kottak refer to Arembepe as a paradise? Cite at least four reasons. 2. In calling Arembepe a paradise, what

Assault on Paradise by Kottak

1.      Why did Kottak refer to Arembepe as a paradise? Cite at least four reasons.

2.      In calling Arembepe a paradise, what did he choose to play down?

3.      What were the different forms of marriage in Arembepe and what responsibilities were associated with each?

4.      What was the significance of eyesight amongst the “retired” captains?

5.      What were the leveling mechanisms and their purposes? What led to the leveling mechanisms?

6.      What were the relationship of the inhabitants of Arembepe and their relationship to the land owners?

7.      How important was money and why?

After the arrival of the factory

8.      What does TIBRAS mean?

9.      Why is a European company building a factory in Brazil? What advantages are offered?

10.  Why was the first location for the factory abandoned and why was Arembepe selected?

11.  Where did the raw materials come from and what is the significance that none came from Brazil?

12.  Why did money become important and why did the leveling mechanisms stop?

13.  What is SUDEPE? And what role did they play in changing the village?

14.  How did the change in fishing technology change the social fabric of the Arembepe?

15.  Why did SUDEPE cease to be as important in the village?

16.  Why did the pollution resulting from the factory become important? And why were their efforts made to limit it?

17.  How did the relationship of the original inhabitants to the land change and their relationship to the land owners?

18.  What were the negative consequences of the factory’s arrival in the village?

19.  What were the positive outcomes of the factory’s arrival?

20.  What did Kottak mean by the change from “social to economic relations”?

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