half page to one page on this topic You are developmental psychologist working in the Peach county school system.

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half page to one page on this topic You are developmental psychologist working in the Peach county school system. Your job is to design programs to maximize the learning of children who are having problems in school. These problems are social or behavioral problems that are affecting the child’s ability to learn effectively. You should have a specific theoretical orientation that you strongly “believe in”. Also, you will want to make your program fit the theory you support. So, for example, if your theoretical perspective was Piagetian, you would design your program based on the principles of his theory. How would Piaget (or whatever theorist you are given) try to maximize the learning of a child of X age? How would Piaget (or whoever) help a child with social or behavioral problems? Please see the attachment below to choose a child and a program.You will choose a particular child to work with. These children will be different ages and will have different problem areas that you should address.In order to be effective, you need to first have a good grasp on the theorist that you “believe in”. You should take time to read the section of your textbook dealing with your theorist. Think about what your theorist believes about development:1. Is the child an active participant in learning or a passive subject just waiting to be molded?2. Are parents influential in the child’s learning or are peers more important? How does the child learn best, by testing the environment or by active support from others?3. Can you “push” the child to learn beyond his or her current knowledge or is the child locked into a stage that can not be changed until the child reaches a certain age?4. The answers to these questions (and others you think of) should be taken into account when designing your program.• Erikson: Jenny, an 8 year old girl, is shy and quiet in class. When she started at this school (at age 5) she was happy, lively, and excited to learn. Over time, however, she seems to have lost her desire to go to school. She has missed 15 days so far this semester, including 3 occasions in which she was sent home after complaining of stomach pain. Her mother says that she often complains of stomach aches but the doctor insists that she is perfectly healthy. She is having a very hard time with most of her subjects, though she is fairly good at math. During class she gets increasingly frustrated and angry when things do not come easily to her. The school is worried that if something is not done to help this child, she will only continue downhill. Your job is to figure out a way to help with her frustration and eventually get her interested in attending school again. rubric suggests:answer all questions Very detailed and clear information in the response about theory and how the program includes the theory A specific theory of development is mentioned


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