Throughout the 19th century, the number of constituents for each Representative a. Increased. Decreased. Stayed about the same. Grew in the first…

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17. Throughout the 19th century, the number of constituents for each Representative

a. Increased.b. Decreased.c. Stayed about the same.d. Grew in the first half and then decreased.

18. An example of Congressional case work is

a. Assistance with getting veterans’ benefits.b. Obtaining a exception to a rule about water rights regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency.c. Getting a quick passport for an adopted baby from a foreign country.d. All of these.

19. According to Dolan, Members of Congress are charged with two main jobs. What are they?

a. Supporting a strong economy and national defence.b. Checking the power of the president and lawmaking.c. Pork-barreling and overriding vetoes.d. Representation and lawmaking.

20. Which of the following is true about redistricting?

a. In 2012, despite the fact that Obama won reelection, Republicans maintained their majority status in the House through the redistricting that occurred after the 2010 Census.b. In 2010, Republicans gained control of the redistricting process through successful state legislative elections.c. When a particular party is successful in state legislative elections, it often translates into success for that party’s Congressional candidates.d. All of these.

21. Members on the Agricultural Committee of both the House and Senate tend to come from

a. States like Michigan.b. States like New Mexico and Arizona.c. States like Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri.d. States like New York and Delaware.

22. In the last 50 years, which president has issued the most vetoes?

a. Barack Obama.b. George W. Bush.c. Ronald Reagan.d. John Kennedy.

23. How often do we hold Congressional elections?

a. Every six yearsb. Whenever the president calls for an election.c. Every four yearsd. Every two years

24. The president’s use of the veto

a. Recently shifted to be more focused on the will of the president.b. Changed in the 1830s to allow the president to get rid of bills he or she does not like and has stayed relatively the same since.c. Recently shifted to be more focused on constitutionality.d. Has stayed relatively the same since the founding of the United States.

25. Even when there is a history of winning by very large margins and retention elections are quite infrequent, studies show that justices are still quite sensitive to public opinion in their rulings.


26. Another name for apportionment at the start of each decade is

a. Divisive consideration.b. Selective consideration.c. Redistricting.d. Reorganization.

27. Which decade had the most death penalty executions?

a. 1990sb. The 1980sc. The 1970sd. 2000s

28. Who took the initiative to finally desegregate schools according to the Brown decision?

a. The state governmentb. State governorsc. Congressd. The federal government

29. The Framers intended Congress to

a. Be the dominant branch of the federal government.b. Work closely with the judiciary to make sure laws were constitutional.c. Pass as well as enforce the laws.d. Be the weakest branch of the federal government.

30. Which 1972 US Supreme Court Case dealt with same-sex marriage?

a. Obergefell v. Hodgesb. Griswold v. Connecticutc. Texas v. Johnsond. Baker v. Nelson

31. Roosevelt’s opponents called his plan

a. Judge packing.b. Court packing.c. Court stuffing.d. Judicial wizardry.

32. Even if a Representative disagrees with a majority of his or her constituents, the representative is required to vote for what their constituents want.


33. The case Brown v. Board of Education was about

a. Desegregation of public schools.b. Equal employment opportunity in colleges and universities.c. Quota admissions to colleges and universities.d. None of these.

34. Scholars have found that presidents are more responsive to and interesting in shaping public policy for opinion within their own party.


35. The replacement of Sandra Day O’Connor with Samuel Alito was significant because

a. Alito is much stronger on states rights than O’Connor.b. Alito is much more inclined to support 1st Amendment rights than O’Connor.c. Alito is far more conservative than O’Connor.d. Alito is far more moderate than O’Connor.

36. According to Dolan, one of the areas where the president and the Congress have struggled the most is

a. The relationship of the government with the states.b. The size of the judiciary.c. War powers, or the use of the military.d. The financing of some of the offices in the executive branch.

37. If a president were to respond more to general public opinion than just opinion in their own party, we would call this

a. None of these.b. Partisan responsiveness.c. Constituency responsiveness.d. Centrist responsiveness.

38. Many of the wars of the last 100 years

a. Were actually armed conflicts initiated by the president.b. Began in the Middle East.c. Were started by the Central Powers.d. Were settled by the United Nations.

39. The Constitution designed the three branches so that there would be little to no tensions among them and law making would be streamlined.


40. Changing Census numbers in a given state mean that the state could

a. Lose or gain representatives.b. Absolutely face reapportionment.c. Lose representatives but file a special dispensation to retain the representatives they had.d. Never change because representation is capped.

41. Which of the following is an example of a Congressional check on the judicial branch?

a. All of these.b. The House may impeach and the Senate may remove judges.c. Congress may rewrite laws found unconstitutional so that they do not conflict with a Supreme Court ruling.d. Senate confirmation is necessary to appoint judges.

42. The average member of Congress is a 60-year-old, white male of Christian background with a college education and better than average personal wealth.


43. In the case of Oregon v. Mitchell, the decision of the US Supreme Court was eventually overturned by

a. The 18th Amendmentb. The 26th Amendmentc. The 14th Amendmentd. The 20th Amendment

44. The president is uniquely powerful because he can get the attention of the whole country, unlike a member of Congress.


45. One of the most important powers of the Commander-in-Chief is the ability to appoint and promote military officers.


46. If the president or Congress disagree with the court’s interpretation of a statute, or law enacted by Congress,

a. They can simply write a new statute.b. They would have to pressure the court to hear the case over again.c. They have to accept it as a final decision.d. They are simply not bound by the US Supreme Court.

47. According to Dolan, why did the Framers design such a difficult process of lawmaking?

a. Law making was not intended to be difficult; political parties made it difficult.b. So that change could not be made too easily or abruptly.c. To make sure the Constitution could not be changed easily.d. To allow the president greater informal power over law making.

48. The three sources of the president’s powers in armed conflicts are

a. Strategic, federal, and legislative.b. Political, executive, and strategic.c. Constitutional, political, and strategic.d. Political, executive, and Constitutional.

49. The Framers of the Constitution created the House of Representatives

a. To develop a closer bond between the people and government that would serve as “the people’s” branch of government.b. To maintain distance between the electorate and the government.c. To keep the American elite separated from the common everyday American.d. To unilaterally place restrictions on citizens.

50. According to Gailmard, “going public”

a. Has been shown to cause Congress to pursue the publicized legislation.b. Can be a dangerous practice if overused.c. All of these.d. Helps the president achieve his or her goals.

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