You are a paralegal at a general practice law firm. Susan Whiskaway, a new client, is being charged with the federal crime of theft of mail….

You are a paralegal at a general practice law firm. Susan Whiskaway, a new client, is being charged with the federal crime of theft of mail. Whiskaway lives in a rental townhouse complex. Most mail is placed in mail boxes in a common area where residents use a key to open the mail box associated with their townhouse number. Packages that don’t fit in the mailboxes are usually delivered to the townhouse complex office, which notifies the resident that they have a package to pick up. However, if the mail carrier has a package to deliver outside of the office’s regular hours, the mail carrier simply leaves the package at the door of the resident’s townhouse. 

Whiskaway saw on her neighbor’s doorstep a package that appears to have been delivered by the mail. Fully aware that the package was addressed to her neighbor, Whiskaway removed the package from the doorstep because she suspected it contained a designer handbag that the neighbor had been bragging she had just ordered. The neighbor had never authorized the post office in writing to leave packages on her porch; it was simply an informal practice. Moreover, the shipper had not told the post office to simply leave the package if there was no response at the door. 

On the Westlaw home page, click on West Key Number System. Once that page opens, type search terms into the GSB that will help you find cases applicable to your search issue. Do not attempt to just scroll down the list of topics – you will be graded on your use of effective search terms. Your research question is whether taking a package after it has been placed on the intended recipient’s doorstep constitutes theft of mail.

 Once you select a relevant case:

a. Provide the Bluebook citation for your case.

b. Brief the case using the briefing format provided in the Week 1 Instructor Notes.

c. Tell how you retrieved the case using the A>B>C>D methodology. The pattern for you is started below. Add the exact steps you took to find your case.


I need to be able to follow each “click” to get to your case.

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