Question 1 1 pts The fact that ____ contradicts what we would expect to find if the S-R (stimulus-response) theory of language was strictly true.

Question 1

1 pts

The fact that ____ contradicts what we would expect to find if the S-R (stimulus-response) theory of language was strictly true.

children use certain words more when they are rewarded for doing so

language cannot be learned in social isolation

children often say things they could not have heard from anyone else

there is no such thing as a “language instinct”

Question 2

1 pts

Which of the following points is inherent in the discussion on women and science presented in your text?

Science and engineering are better left to men.

Discrimination in education has kept the percentage of women in science and engineering careers tiny.

Males tend to be analytical while women tend to be relational.

While scholars continue to debate why women are less interested than men in science and engineering, the percentage of women in science and engineering has been rapidly increasing.

Question 3

1 pts

To Franz Boas and his disciples, culture

is a by-product of the environment..

completely determines how people will think and act, through the processes of child rearing.

exists in a very finite number of possible forms.

is produced as people seek to meet their basic needs within particular ecological constraints.

Question 4

1 pts

According to the author of your text, the insights of strict cultural determinists about such things as the effects of childhood socialization and culture upon personality are

without value.

completely correct.

consistent with the theories of both Jean Piaget and Noam Chomsky.

harmed by errors of exaggeration and omission.

Question 5

1 pts

Skeels and Dye found that orphan children put under the care of mildly retarded girls had lower IQs, on average, than similar children who remained in an orphanage without such care.



Question 6

1 pts

Freda’s 6 month old baby girl is fascinated by a toy key chain. When Freda hides it, the baby does not look for it, but now focuses her attention on a Gumby instead. According to Jean Piaget, this baby

is in the concrete operational stage of development.

was more interested in the Gumby than in the toy key chain.

may be cognitively damaged.

has not yet learned the rule of object permanence.

Question 7

1 pts

Data on female involvement in science and engineering suggest that the question about why women are less likely than men to pursue careers in these areas will be an important one for many decades.



Question 8

1 pts

The “language instinct”

was discovered first by medical brain researchers.

is something scientists used to believe early in the 20th century but which they have now largely rejected.

is regarded as something genetic that all normal infants have.

is consistent with S-R (stimulus-response) theory.

Question 9

1 pts

Parents who emphasize conformity more than independence in their children are more likely to ____ than parents who emphasize independence more than conformity in their children.

work in highly supervised jobs

come from large families

have expressive personalities

work in jobs that require a great deal of self-control

none of the above

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