Watch the American Tongues on youtube then answer the questionsPlease answer the following six (6) questions in clear sentences allowing your professor to understand that you have a good grasp on the

Watch the American Tongues on youtube then answer the questions

Please answer the following six (6) questions in clear sentences allowing your professor to understand that you have a good grasp on the concepts of dialect and accent. Try to answer completely and thoughtfully; more than a sentence or two.

The 6 questions are;

1. What kinds of dialect differences do you notice in the area in which we live(Los Angles, California)?

2. When you travel someplace outside of the region, is there anything in particular people notice about your speech? What is it? Or when you travel outside the region, is there anything you notice about others speech that is different from your own? Please be a specific as you can as to what you or others notice. You can pick either scenario above, but not both. Just select one. 

3. How do you think accents have been used to create stereotypes in the movies and the media? Please explain with an example.

Note**not all attitudes about local dialects are negative. In fact, these dialects may serve some very important positive functions within a community. Their use can promote a feeling of group solidarity, trustworthiness, and friendliness, all positive attributes.

4. What are some of the positive reasons for using a local dialect?

Note** Speaking a standard dialect certainly has advantages in certain settings, but it can also present a dilemma for a person in terms of local community norms. Not everyone needs to speak a standard dialect for all social occasions. Furthermore, there are consequences that go along with the use of both a standard and a local dialect. Think about the Bostonian-Italian male in the video.

5. What are some advantages to speaking a standard dialect such as standard American English or CNN English?

Note** learning a standard dialect can often cause a dilemma for a person because of a conflict between the “outside” world and the local community.

6. What are the disadvantages to speaking standard English in certain contexts? 

Final Comment to reflect on to help you: There are both negative and positive consequences associated with the use of any dialect, whether it is “standard” English or a local non-standard English variety. Each person must weigh the consequences of different dialects and make choices about appropriate dialect usage on that basis. Dialects are important aspect of the American heritage representing its different regional, social, and ethnic groups; they also present a dilemma for speakers because of the different values associated with their usage.

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