Requirement: When responding to discussion postings please be aware of how a tone can be misinterpreted by other readers. So please respect your fellow virtual class members when posting your respons

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Requirement: When responding to discussion postings please be aware of how a tone can be misinterpreted by other readers. So please respect your fellow virtual class members when posting your responses. All discussion postings must respond to one point from the post before it AND offer at least one new detail in your posting.

#1:After reading the article the 30 best film-to-musical adaptations, I was surprised by there are so many great movies had been transformed into musicals, and many of them I even did not notice before. i think it is the time for me to watch some from now on. 

The movies first came into my mind are Harry Potter series. They are my favorite movies series and they have a lot of fans all around the world. 

There is already a musical by fan fiction named was A Very Potter Musical performed in in April 2009 at the University of Michigan. It was uploaded to YouTube on July 5th. This musical was one of the top ten best online video by And there is also a living theatre by the eighth book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The two work both were loved by audience. Thus, I think it is proper to make the series movie transformed into musical. 

We can choose any one of the series. As for actors, I think it is best to find some children actors who look like the original actors in the movie when they are young. I believe it will make the loyal fans have the senses into the plot and memorize the feelings how the story can bring to them. I suggested either Matt Land or John Tiffany to direct the show because they have experiences from other stories in same topic, they can also deal with the problems about how to perform the expression of all the thing from magic world. Still, we need to invite JK Rowling as the scriptwriter for the show, because there is no one else can know the story better than her. When it comes to the music, I suggest we can combine some pop music with the original sound in the movies. That way is interesting and also make fans memorize the feelings for the story. As for the choreography, I suggest we can combine the action to cast spells with dance, that would more interesting and impressive. 

Expect these, we also need to design the customs and stage property as much as the same with the movies. 

I think this musical can attract a lot of fans for the book and movie series. They would like the live of how they always imaging the derails of the story. 

#2: William Shakespeare has been my inspiration since I gained the knowledge to read literary works. He was an English poet, playwright and an actor who was recognized in the whole world, and he has been my motivation to help me gain expertise on how to read, write, and become an actor poet and a playwright. The type of musical I would use to describe William Shakespeare is a love song in which I would express all the feelings, and love I have for his entire career. I would express it in a mood of love and compassion about him, and the main audience would be people of all categories ranging from kids to adults since his work covers all the ages.

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