Can you make a business presentation with the idea of a bar and gril writing homework help

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Identifications of the type of business (Sole proprietorship, partnership, S corporation, Limited liability partnership of corporation).

A description of the business -paragraph in length

A mission and vison statement such as specific roles other employees have to manage and maintain.

Detailed job descriptions for the workers.

Explain who the market is by demographics (age, income, gender, education)

Several slides on the marketing plan (explain in detail how “you” are going to attract customers to the business)

Advertising plan with cost- how much is it going to cost to advertise. what media source(s) are “you” going to use. Exact costs need to be addressed.

Create a specific one-year budget covering your costs you need to have specific costs in the budget.

You have been given 700,000 thousand dollars from an Angel Investor to start your business.

15-20 slides!

due 5/14/17

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