capstone project assignment 4 peer feedback of draft mini literature review

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I attached PowerPoint and word document as reference of what is required.

In 2016, 41 million children suffered from child obesity. This represents 18% increase in obesity rates in children. Children Obesity is a rising health issue in middle- and low-income population, and not only in rich populations. This health issue is affecting the more vulnerable population due to the limited choices of food available with the low income and their environment.

Children obesity may lead to obesity in adulthood along with many diseases and even premature death and disability. Children obesity is also associated with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases, and depression.

This health issue is not only due to the fact the caloric intake is more than caloric expenditure by the body, it’s also due to high fat content of food, low physical activity, food processing, socio-economic status, availability of nutritional and health food options, culture, environmental, and many more factors.


World Health Organization. (2018). Obesity and Overweight. Retrieved from

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