career plan

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Drawing upon Seminars 1 to 8, review 3 main theories examined in the course that have been significant to you and shaped your thinking about your career, now and into the future. Write up your review in this section (1000 words).

Source material

  • You are expected to draw on a range of quality, academic sources to support your Theoretical Review. Throughout the semester, we draw upon a range of career theories and in Seminar 4, a number of prominent career theories were examined.
  • As a minimum, you will be expected to make links to the relevant course theories, course materials (such as handouts, self-assessment questionnaires) and the course readings in your review. A minimum of 5 readings from the course should be used.
  • If you use reading beyond the subject reading list, we will expect to see quality, relevant, scholarly sources, such as those obtained using Library resources.
  • We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE “cutting and pasting” from sources and then, simply changing author’s words around, as this constitutes plagiarism. We encourage you to make use of the course readings to define key concepts and to carefully rephrase authors’ arguments into your own words.
  • All sources used in your Theoretical Review must be correctly referenced. You will be required to apply the Academy of Management (AMJ) referencing style and provide a reference list.

How to structure your review

You should approach your review as a short, academic essay.

  • Introduction – introduce the 3 theories that you have selected to review (100 words).
  • Body (800 words):
    • Describe each theory and its major contribution to the academic literature on careers and career transition (half page each);
    • Critically evaluate why each theory is important to you and how it has shaped or influenced your thinking about careers and career transition.
  • Conclusion – sum up your key points in a concluding paragraph and briefly provide a statement about what you learned from your review of the 3 theories to inform your career, now and into the future (100 words).
  • Reference List (not included in word count) in an alphabetical list, by author in AMJ style format. Remember that work cited must be in your reference list and readings in your reference list, must be cited.

Word count

The Theoretical Review is 1,000 words (+/- 10%). Your word count must be listed at the top of the page in Section Six. All words (excluding the Title and Reference list) are included in your word count.Theoretical Reviews that do not include a word count at the top of the page of Section Six will be assumed to be over the limit and incur a 10% penalty.

my furture career plan to those two company.

Company 1: JD.COM

Company 2: Alibaba Group

Industry: internet and online retailing

Industry: internet

Company Description: One of the two largest B2C online retailers in China.

Company Description: A Chinese biggest multinational e-commerce, retail, internet, Al and technology conglomerate.

Company Values: CNY 184.055 million(2017)

Company Values: US$527 billion(2018)

Company Size: F500

Company Size: F500

Location: Beijing, China

Location: Hangzhou, China



Titles of jobs you will seek: sales

Titles of jobs you will seek: Operation of Tianmao

Name/Position of the person to approach: marketing manager

Name/Position of the person to approach: marketing manager

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