Career Research Project final draft.

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I need a final draft with some revision. My friend peer reviewed the draft and wrote some comments so now we just need to make few changes.

Content = The table of contents is complete and the content of the whole paper is good, includes everything on the rubric. 5 points
Format = The spacing is okay. There was headings and subheads, but should have put more spaced between the companies and paragraphs and a little on the headings too.
It kind of looks mashed together and hard to read. The font, size and style is good though. 4 points
APA = The in-text citations are correct and the references are properly formatted. They are correct indented and is in alphabetical order. 5 points
Grammar, spelling, mechanics = Focus on spacing between the paragraphs and the headings a little more. Writer should also avoid repetition on saying “from my research”. This is mentioned a lot on the paper. 4 points
Total = 18/20
Amy Kan, Oct 24 at 11:53pm

Please see the attached document.

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