Carl Sandburg College Interest Groups Discussion Questions and News Article

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news article :chose an article going on in the news today and explain in short words what the article is about. attach news article source (example 1: Expain how interest groups and the First Amendment are bound to each other. Do you think interest groups take advantage of this Constitutional link? How? Question 2: What does being a “lobbyist” entail? How do lobbyists change politics? Question 3: What is the role of private interest groups in society? When compared with public interest groups, are private interest groups more or less effective? Provide examples Question 4: Historically, several different interest groups have helped to advance the rights of citizens. Provide some examples and discuss which of these groups has been the most effective.Question 5: Define the following:

checkbook memebers
civil disobedience
527 organizations
free-rider problem
going public
grassroots lobbying
labor unions
political action committees
private interest groups
public interest groups
single-issue groups

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