case analysis and recommendations paper for eli lilly case 1

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Please submit here your Case Analysis And Recommendations paper for the “Eli Lilly – Innovations in Diabetes” formal case in the Harvard CoursePack. Remember to use either a .doc or .docx file format (not a .pdf or other file format), and to correctly label the filename itself as shown in the syllabus, for example “ Ken-Xu-741-A2-Thurs-EliLilly-Paper.docx ”. (remember to include your name or preferably nickname in the filename). Please use single spacing and neat paragraphs, so that the paper is reasonably compact and easy to ready.

See both the Syllabus and the “Guidelines & Checklist for Innovation Case Analysis Papers” document (posted in the General Folder) for general information on how to do “case analysis” assignments in this course including the format required. Note that the word limits and any further specific assignment details related to this particular case will be found in the Schedule section of the Syllabus in the listing of the assignment for the class date for which the paper is assigned. Following both the Guidelines and any specific directions in the Schedule is extremely important and impacts your grade, including the word limits as shown in the Schedule.
The Guidelines document includes format requirements and information on what kinds of things we expect you to emphasize in papers, for example breaking your paper into specific sections with headings (such as Intro and Big Point Reactions, Background, Analysis, Recommendations, Conclusions). A checklist in provided in the Guidelines to help you from making the most common mistakes.

Note that your Analysis section should constitute at least 1/3 of the paper and effectively and explicitly using course concepts and frameworks (especially those in the readings assigned for the class in which the paper is due) to “de-construct” and provide insights into the situation described in the case materials you have read.

Further, your Recommendations’ section should constitute at least 1/3 of the paper, and provide extensive detailed realistic recommendations that are explicitly and tightly tied to the conceptual analysis you have done in the previous section.

Make sure you have completely checked your paper before you submit. Make sure you have carefully followed the instructions about the format such as breaking your paper into sections with headings, made your last revisions, used an identifiable filename, proof-read and spell checked and so forth, and that you have done what it expected (e.g. have you included detailed extensive recommendations that connect to your conceptual analysis?) before you submit it. Please do not keep posting and reposting. Your first submission is the only one we count. Remember that you must actually browse and attach your file, and then “Submit” the document in order for it to be sent. If you click “Save as draft” we will not get it unless and until you actually “Submit” it.

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