Case Analysis – Proposed Rocket Assembly

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Title page formatted in APA 6th edition style with the following information: Title of the paper,

your name, course number and section number, and date.

● Include a table of contents using the following headers: Executive Summary, Introduction (3–5

sentences including thesis statement), Project Overview, Analysis of Project (Assess the core

project concept. Determine the costs and benefits of the project. Assess if the project scope,

risk, and strategy was defined clearly. Assess the process groups in the project life cycle.),

Recommendation and Course of Action, Conclusion (4–8 sentences stating your

recommended solutions in terms of project management techniques and tools), and


● A minimum of three scholarly journal and textbook source references cited and credited

according to APA 6th edition formatting style using a minimum of six in-text citations.

● The paper should be focused and to the point, containing between 600–800-words from the

Executive Summary to the end of your Conclusion.

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