case questions for business law

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For this week’s Case Questions, you must answer four synthesizing questions regarding employment, labor, and agency law. See the Assignment Expectations page for more detail.

  1. The Teamsters Union is attempting to organize the drivers at We Haul trucking company. Workers who favor a union have been using the lunchroom to hand out petitions and urge other drivers to sign authorization cards. The company posts a notice in the lunchroom: “Many employees do not want unions discussed in the lunchroom. Out of respect for them, we are prohibiting further union efforts in this lunchroom.” Is this sign legal?
  2. FedEx gave Marcie Dutschmann an employment handbook stating that (1) she was an at will employee, (2) the handbook did not create any contractual rights, and (3) employees who were fired had the right to a termination hearing. The company fired Dutschmann, claiming that she had falsified delivery records. She said that FedEx was retaliating against her because she had complained of sexual harassment. FedEx refused her request for a termination hearing. Did the employee handbook create an implied contract guaranteeing Dutschmann a hearing?
  3. Peter Oiler was a truck driver who delivered groceries to Winn-Dixie stores. He revealed to his boss that in his free time he liked to dress as a woman, even though he was happily married to a woman. Oiler had been diagnosed with transvestic fetishism with gender dysphoria and a gender identity disorder. Winn-Dixie fired him for fear that, if customers found out, they would go elsewhere to buy their groceries. Does Oiler have a claim against Winn-Dixie?
  4. Ryan could not stay awake at work—and was unable to remember and keep track of key parts of his job. When questioned, he told his boss that he had sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that causes a person to stop breathing during sleep. His report from his doctor said that it was possible Ryan did have sleep apnea, but there was no definitive diagnosis because Ryan refused to take the necessary tests. The report also said that Ryan’s sleepiness could be caused by bad habits, like irregular sleep times, a poor diet, and heavy caffeine consumption. What legal obligations does his employer have to Ryan? Can Ryan be fired?

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