case revision

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I will post the main group case analysis below and also other groups’ comments. The revised case analysis should include content that reflects the feedback and questions that were presented by all of the other groups in the class. You should answer other group’s comments. Please write in your own words. Don’t copy from other sources or website. Write one and half page.

Here is the main group case analysis:

Question one: the leadership style to adopt

Path-goal theory is describable as the theoretical perspective which inclines to specify a particular leader’s behavior or somewhat style that inherently fits the existing subordinates as well as the work-related environment thereby resulting in the achievement of the intended goal. It is fervently precise for Derek to pursue the participative model of leadership style as this methodology creates room for him as the leader to relatively consult with the prevailing workers during stances of decision making concerning the most optimal move to make. And it is vital when the available subordinates have undergone much training and involved with the assigned tasks just like the subordinates in his department.

Question two: Empowerment as a goal for the department

Empowerment of employees is expressible by many to be the state where a leader allows his or her employees a considerable degree of responsibility and autonomy for engaging in decision-making criterion within the daily-oriented undertakings. This facet is indeed an intended goal for this department as the prominent staff members seem eager to ascertain that their leaders are inherently open to new ideas which they may present as a result of the perfect understanding they have with their jobs. Secondly, the subordinates within the department feel that there is a need for the leader to give the subordinates the authority to make decisions on matters related to their works because they think that they have the necessary skills to perform the same. Lastly, there is a need for Derek to create an intrinsically positive and serene working environment within the department by concisely making the staff feel respected alongside being valued.

Question three: Issues for Derek to consider when taking over the department

Upon taking over as the head of the department, Derek needs to address the issues concerning:

Motivation; since it is because of lack of ambient encouragement from the previous head which led to the subordinates ganging up against him. As the new leader, he ought to consider integrating attributes such as rewards, encouragement alongside the recognition that may ostensibly motivate the workforce.

Change; further still, because the workforce was formerly used to Derek being their colleague, it is high time they embraced the fact that he is their leader, the head of the department. Hence it is optimal for them to embrace the change of stature that the position presents. But all these should gear towards achieving the overall goals of the business establishment.

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