case study 1645

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They may take the form of a memorandum to your supervisor but the exact format of the analysis is up to the team. The analysis must be two pages long not including the cover page, with one-inch margins at all sides, 12-point Times New Roman font and one-and-a half spaced. The cover page should contain the name of the case, the number of your team, and the names of the team members. You may include up to three exhibits as additional pages. Longer submissions will be returned unread for revision. The case analysis is due on the date indicated on the Blackboard post (at midnight). Your write-up should be uploaded to Blackboard in the appropriate dropbox. Your file should be labeled as CaseStudy#_teamX

The case should contain the following elements:

  • Identification of the problem/question/theme – Identify a particular problem/challenge presented in the case that a country or company is facing and address your comments to a particular problem. You can formulate it as a question to be answered or problem to be solved.
  • Develop criteria for solving the problem/answering the question – State your approach to solving the problem. What are the relevant considerations? How do you choose among the alternative solutions? This step allows you to demonstrate your ability to critically analyze the situation. If a solution already exists, would you do it differently? Could you suggest a different approach?
  • Apply the criteria to the potential solution(s) and make your recommendation. Or justify your answer to the question with the relevant criteria. Don’t shy away from taking a position.

In most of the cases there is not “one correct” answer/problem/challenge. Hence, I place emphasis on how well you justify/argue your position base on your criteria (e.g. economic principles, or objectives of business strategy, development goals, etc.)

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