Case study about Netflix

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Hi, I need a paragraph long answers for each questions below! Thanks! (Single-spaced, minimum 2pgs)

Netflix discussion questions

1. When Netflix first started its business, what were the conditions that enabled this business work?

2. What were the competitive advantages of Netflix over traditional video rental stores?

3. In 2006 when Blockbuster introduced a hybrid mail and in-store rental model (Blockbuster Total Access), it seemed very obvious that Blockbuster wins a competition with Netflix. However, why do you think Blockbuster could not successfully take advantage of this opportunities and ended up with filing for bankruptcy?

4. How can Netflix keep subscribers loyal and acquire new ones in the tougher competition with Amazon, HBO, and Hulu?

5. Netflix growth in the US market seems to be maturing. How can Netflix increase demand for its services in the US?

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