Case Study: Analyze the impact of e-commerce on a business

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  1. After reading and examining the case, write at least a one-page analysis by addressing each of the following:
    1. Briefly introduce the company and its history
    2. Briefly describe the products and/or services available—what are consumers purchasing online?
    3. Describe the basic elements of the company business model:

      •  Core value proposition of the company—what is it offering, and how does it satisfy customer needs?
      •  Target market/audience—who uses this service?
      •  Revenue model—where does the money come from?
      •  Competitive environment—who else is competing in this market, or who might enter the market and threaten
        this company’s position?
      •  Competitive advantage analysis—how is the company attempting to gain an advantage? Competing on cost?
      •  How are they promoting their products in the marketplace?
      •  How would you rate the company’s success (financial results if available)?
    4. Be sure to answer at least ONE of the following questions:

      •  How has e-commerce impacted this business?
      •  How has an “e-commerce presence” provided this business with opportunities that otherwise would not have
        Format your analysis paper by using Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spacing, and one-inch margins. There is
        no need to include a title page nor a references page. Be sure to proofread your work before submitting it in Blackboard
        for grading.

Case Study Article link for article:…

  1. MarketLine. (2012). The rapid rise of an online retailer.

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