case study thesis answer all questions 20 points each

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This assignment all answers must be referenced from the book. So the book is the only source of reference. As well as in APA format indicating the page number.


  1. Name and briefly define four behaviors of “brutal” bosses.
  2. Explain why altruism is more important to leaders than followers.
  3. Name the five common categories of hardship and provide an example of what each type of hardship can teach a leader.
  4. Describe the positive effects that authentic leaders have on followers.
  5. List ALL your self-assessments score for ALL chapters (1-12). Based on your scores, present a narrative that represent your ethical summary. (Make sure you use content from the book).

The textbook is: Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow, 6th edition. By: Craig E. Johnson

The book should be the only source of reference. Please include page numbers in APA format.

Please double check that you can access the self assessment for each chapter for #5? You take the self assessments for each chapter (1-12) then total up the scores. Then explain your score as to why you got that score. Use content from the book.

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