Contract law and Ethics case study 8.3 Vassilkovska v. Woodfield Nissan, Inc.


Discuss Case 8.3 Vassilkovska v. Woodfield Nissan, Inc. with your Learning Team. This case is found in The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business, pg. 243.

Develop a 200-word case study using the following format: facts, issues, rule, analysis, and conclusion.

Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

Discussion post. Financial Markets 200 words


What role do primary financial markets play in our economy? What role do secondary markets fill? Describe the relationship that exists between financial institutions and financial markets and suggest a method in which this relationship can run more smoothly. Support your rationale with at least one citation from the literature.

Accounting cycle powerpoint


A clear understanding of the accounting cycle is important in comprehending the accounting process. Written communication and presentation skills are critical to successful accountants. The accountant must understand and be able to communicate various aspects of the accounting process. This Assignment provides you with the opportunity to hone these skills.

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation explaining the various steps in the accounting cycle.

Payroll Class NEED ASAP!!!


There are two methods of calculating the Federal Income Tax withholding. What determines the method used by an employer? Continuing with Continuing Payroll Problem B on page 4-67 determine the amount of federal income tax withholding for each employee. Each person show the work for one hourly and one salaried employee only.

Analysis via Pivot Tables, accounting homework help


  • Describe a situation where pivot tables could be used to aid a business decision. Specify the question / problem management needs to resolve, and explain the manner in which the pivot table results will provide a solution. You may use one (1) of the homework exercises as a basis for your response, or a company with which you are familiar.

Accounting and Fin analysis


Submit Milestone One, in which you will evaluate the organization’s recent financial performance and current financial health, given its organizational context. (The company which I picked was Apple,Inc)

Here is the module overview: mba-520_module_3_overview.pdf

Here is the grading rubric: mba520_milestone_one_guidelines_and_rubric.pdf
Please read and follow the grading rubric, ask me if you have any further question.

ACC220 Grantham Wk 4 Target Corp & Amazon Inventory Turnover Problem Paper


In the Cases & Projects section at the back of Chapter 7 in your textbook, find and complete problem “CP 7-6 Comparing inventory ratios for two companies.” Be sure to complete all steps and sections of the problem and show all your work. Clearly label your answers. Submit all your documentation for the problem to the dropbox for grading.

ACC 220 Penn Foster College Week 7 Yahoo Finance Current Liability Discussion


Depending on the length of time, liabilities will either be categorized as current or long-term. Go to Yahoo Finance and select a company. Then, share either a current or long-term liability of the company and the type’s characteristics. Go to at least two other colleagues’ posts with the other type of liability and provide the difference between the types.

FRN6200 National American University Case Merit Enterprise Corp Study


Directions: Complete Chapter 2 – Integrative Case 1: Merit Enterprise Corp. Be sure to cover/address each of the “To Do” items – a, b, and c.

Your case response should be 500-750 words; this is a formal paper and should be written in APA format. Include in-text citations and a reference page.

FIN 336 Southern New Hampshire University Module 4 Currency Derivatives Paper


To complete this assignment, review the prompt and grading rubric in the Module Four Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document. When you have finished your work, submit the assignment here for grading and instructor feedback. You will apply the knowledge of currency derivatives and the rationale for each in a recommendation for your final project MNC.