University of Pretoria Study of The Infinitely Small Particles Essay


Please refer to the attachment and write a well formatted essay.

PSU Energy in Everyday Life Lemon Battery Question

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Assignment Overview

The chemical energy stored in a battery is converted to electrical energy which is used to power numerous items we use in our daily lives, such as cell phones and calculators. In this assignment, you are going to tap into chemical energy.

Complete the instructions for the deliverable you selected:

Lemon Battery Report

MRU USPSTF Screening Recommendations in Primary Care Discussion


Please discuss the importance of USPSTF Screening Recommendations in Primary Care. 2 references in APA format

CYB 670 California University Digital Forensic Expert Testimony PPT


Project 4: Protecting the Homeland
Step 9: Provide Digital Forensic Expert Testimony

In the previous step, you synthesized the information and data from all sources during the summit to create a Compilation Report-Out document. In this step, you will use that report as the foundation for the Expert Testimony Video. Review these expert testimony questions; you are required to answer each question in the testimony video.

Each digital forensic investigator will appear in a moot court setting to provide expert testimony video on the information and data collected throughout this course. Testimony will be presented to a panel of judges, to include the CISO and digital forensic investigators from the other FVEY nation teams. Testimony will evaluate national cybersecurity policy and present well-reasoned conclusions, based on the Compilation Report-Out.

When you have completed the Expert Testimony Video, your team should submit it for feedback. To submit your video, upload it to YouTube, paste the URL in a document, and upload the document to the assignment folder by following the instructions below. For further guidance on uploading video to YouTube, refer to the following resource: Converting PowerPoint and Uploading to YouTube.

4. Expert Testimony Video

 Presentation that needs to cover the following:

I. What are the legal challenges associated with cyber

incidents involving foreign countries? How do internal

laws affect eDiscovery? Reference and discuss all

international laws that may influence a forensic

investigation in the country that your team is assigned.

II. What are the legal challenges of accessing and retrieving

electronic evidence stored on foreign soil? Assuming cloud

storage was used, what procedures were followed to

access and retrieve digital evidence stored in the cloud?

III. Specific to the country that your team was assigned, how

did the international laws and jurisdictions influence the

processes and procedures followed during the forensic


IV. What conflicts arose between ethics and international

laws during the forensic investigations? How did these

conflicts affect the investigations? How were the conflicts


V. What steps were taken to protect United States soil and

citizens during the international investigation? Describe

any risks to the country, businesses, or citizens from your


University of Phoenix Week 5 Vitamins Quiz Questions

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IT 405 Saudi Electronic University Java Programming Language Questions


You will write a short essay, 1-2 pages in length, detailing the parts of the scientific method discussed in your article and comparing that information to what was reported in the news story. Each entry will be written in a logical and professional manner using the APA template attached to the post.

The entire entry must be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Direct quotes of the articles are not allowed. However, when you summarize or paraphrase something from one of the articles you will need to provide an in-text APA reference.

The essay must be written entirely in third person. DO NOT USE FIRST OR SECOND PERSON. This means you cannot use the words “I”, “we”, or “you”.

ntroduction (1 paragraph)

This section identify which of the two articles was the scientific study and the subject of the scientific study. You will also identify the problem or observation that spurred the research. DO NOT LIST THE RESULTS OF THE STUDY ITSELF HERE. You will identify the hypothesis the scientists were testing. Remember that a hypothesis is a testable educated guess. Thus, it is not appropriate to pose a question here. However, while reading your articles, it can be helpful to ask yourself what explanation scientists tried to use to explain their initial observation. You will then transition into the body of the journal.

Body (~1 paragraph each)

Here, you will identify the test or experiment that was performed to address the hypothesis. You should be detailed here. It may be helpful to pull from other sources, if you do not fully understand how the experiment was conducted. After detailing how the experiment was done compared to how it reported in the media, you will transition into a discussion of the results.

In this section of your entry you will identify the experimental results that the scientists obtained. What did the scientists find after doing their experiment? Again, you can be detailed here. After detailing the results, you will transition into the conclusion sections.

The last paragraph of the body should explain the conclusion of the study. You should address whether the hypothesis was supported or rejected, and how the results led to that finding. Also provide a possible new avenue of research the scientists might pursue based on what was discovered in this study.

Evaluation (1 paragraph)

Here you will signal the end of your entry. In this section you will identify the new study about the scientific study and discuss whether or not the news story was a representative reporting of the scientific study. Did the news change anything or leave out something important from the scientific study? Summarize the important content from your entry, then you will end with a definitive final statement.

Constructing your journal entry

In addition to the criteria above, you will be graded on the quality of your writing; please write with proper grammar, punctuation, and style. The essay will be graded using the Dialogues of Learning Written Communication Rubric.

All sources (including the original 2 articles) should be properly documented. You must include an APA style reference page. Your TurnItIn score should be below 20 for this assignment.

LAVC science Sociology Social Norm Violation Paper


Reflective Project #1         


For Reflective  Project #1, you may choose one of the following two options. 

Below are the two prompts that you may choose (one) to write about:

1) Break a social norm of dress/attire (be sure not  to wear anything illegal, dangerous, or extremely disruptive). Here are  some ideas: try dressing in female clothes if you are a male; wear  formal attire to a casual get together; wear clothing that is too  warm/too cold for the weather; wear stripes with polka dots, wear an  unfashionable or outdated outfit, etc. Then, interact with others and  observe their responses while wearing your norm-breaking outfit. If you  would like to break a different type of norm (not one of dress or  attire), then please check out this page on Options for Breaking a Social Norm.

***Important Note: Given the COVID-19 pandemic, I  ask that you avoid breaking social norms outdoors. If you decide to  pursue this option for RP #1, please only break social norms with those  who you live with, and I also ask that you be safe and not break social  norms related to safety measures of COVID-19. Please message me via  Canvas Inbox if you have any questions about this!***

  • In your paper, address the following:

State the Problem: define the norm you will violate, discuss briefly  how this norm acts as a mechanism of social control, and describe what  you will do to violate the norm.

Hypothesis: describe the range of possible reactions others will  have to the violation of this norm, what do you predict the major  reaction will be?

Describe the Setting: physical-where is the norm violation taking place? Social-how many and what types of people are observing?

Describe the Incident: tell what happened.

  • Summary and Interpretation: how did you feel as you were violating  the norm? Why did you feel the way you did? Did people react the way you  expected? Did you encounter any difficulties in carrying out your  assignment? What, if anything, did you learn about how norms exercise  social control?


2) Use Census data to analyze your neighborhood. You will need to access this site:,glendalecitycalifornia,losangelescitycalifornia/PST045219Links to an external site.


Here are the instructions for how to navigate the site:

You will see a search engine box under “Quick Facts” on the upper  left hand side of the page. Type in your city or zip code and press  enter. Note that my link above already has the City of Glendale (and the  City of Beverly Hills plus the County of Los Angeles to provide two  comparisons) already set up, so you will only need to do this step if  you live in a City other than Glendale (which I know many of us do!).

Once the page loads, a column will appear with the city or zip code  that you plugged in. As you scroll down to view the data underneath the  column, you will see demographic information on “People” (such as the  population, age and sex, race and other characteristics including  housing, family and living arrangements, computer and internet use,  education, health, economy, transportation, income and poverty).   Analyze the data presented to you about your city/neighborhood. What is  your reaction to this data? Are you surprised by it at all?

Then, analyze the demographic information provided about  “Businesses,” and “Geography” for your city/neighborhood, and consider  your reactions to this data and whether you were surprised by it again.

After you’ve examined these three variables (and their  sub-variables) closely, write a description (at least one full  paragraph) for each of the three variables, that synthesize the  information that you found for each of these. Each description should  include what your findings are, why you think they are this way for your  area as well as the two areas you compared to, and whether or not you  were surprised by your findings. 

Now repeat these steps again, with one exception. Instead of  examining the data on your city/neighborhood, you will examine the  notoriously wealthy City of Beverly Hills, as well as the greater County  of Los Angeles, to provide you with some data to compare your  city/neighborhood to.

Write three more descriptions on the same variables of “People,”  “Businesses,” and “Geography,” comparing the information of your current  city/neighborhood of residence, to that of the City of Beverly Hills  and the greater County of Los Angeles. Is your area similar to or  different from Beverly Hills? How about to the County of Los Angeles?  Why do you think this is? Was there anything that surprised you in the  Beverly Hills data? How about in the County of Los Angeles data?

Florida Atlantic University ? Same-Sex Sexual Behavior Discussion


The journal includes the following processes and requirements:

  • Start with an engaging attention getter, identifying the observation/problem addressed by the media communication and in the scientific communication;
  • Identify the media communication as a media communication/secondary source and the scientific communication as a scientific communication/primary source
  • Write a valid hypothesis statement which is addressed by the research in the scientific article and explain if the hypothesis is presented correctly in the media source;
  • Identify additional parts to the scientific method including research methods, results, and research conclusions comparing what is stated in the media source and the scientific source;
  • End the journal definitively;
  • Use paraphrased information, examples, and evidence to support all points;
  • Properly organize information within and between paragraphs;
  • Format layout, citations, and references in correct APA style.

How to Complete Yoru Journal

Below are attached a scientific study written by a group of scientists and a news article written by a journalist about the scientific study. You will evaluate how well the news article covers the scientific study.

The articles for paper are attached and the instruction of how to write it is also there

Charles Sturt University Method of Controlling Bias and Confounding Discussion


Bias and Confounding

For this submission, you will write a two-page paper identifying any bias or confounding that may be present in your research. You will include at least one scholarly reference other than your textbook.

Within your paper, include the elements identified below.

  • Identify and describe the measure of association or measure of the effect that you will use in your research based on your research population and research question.
  • Determine if confounding is present, and explain your decision.
  • Describe methods for controlling bias and confounding in the study design, and provide advantages and disadvantages of each.

Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, and include in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.

This is part of the previous literature review that you helped me with before. You can use the same sources.

Complete Short Science Disc (UMUC)


Week 4 Lab Activity Concepts: 

  • image formation by lenses
  • image formation by mirrors
  • real and virtual images

Research each of these concepts/topics. Choose one of the first two topics and provide a real-world example.

You may use the Internet, textbook, etc. to find information or get ideas — but explain or summarize in your own words — and DO NOT copy something from any source you might find. That is a big academic no-go zone that could mean you won’t get credit! Be sure share any information source you found useful.