CEN 3721 Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Science Question Worksheet

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We have been discussing the following usability goals and design principles:

Usability is broken down into these goals:

Effectiveness – how good a product is at doing what it is supposed to do

Efficiency – the way the product supports users in carrying out their tasks

Safety – protecting users from dangerous conditions and undesirable situations

Utility – provides the right kind of functionality so users can do what they need or want to do

Learnability – easy to learn

Memorability – easy to remember how to use

• Most common design principles:

Visibility: are functions and features clearly visible?

Feedback: confirming what has been done or giving information about the current state

Constraints: ways of restricting the kinds of interactions that can take place at a given moment

Consistency: interfaces have similar operations and similar elements for achieving similar tasks

Affordances: attributes of an object that allow people to know how to use it


Perform an informal review of the website www.papajohns.com. Focus on the process of placing an order on this site. Complete as much of the chart on the next page as possible, indicating which goals and principles are met or violated and how they are met or violated. Type your comments into the chart and expand it as needed. Make suggestions for how the issues you have identified could be corrected. A sample entry has been provided to get you started.


  • The Scribe will submit the final team document into our course site in the assignment 1 link.
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