Central Washington University Cyber Crimes Discussion

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Having an active and routinely updated crisis management plan is
essential in an effort to mitigate losses. Crisis Management Plans
provide reactionary measures to defend itself from unforeseen events,
such as weather events (acts of God), cyber-attacks, fire drills, or an
insider threat scenario. This plan helps clarify specific procedures
that need to be executed to properly address the situation. However, for
this plan to be effective it would require maximum participation from
various stakeholders and key staff that oversee various departments.
This could include the IT department, physical security, HR, logistics,
etc…, as each department has a clear understanding of the limitations
and the assessed damage that could occur from one of these entities
suffering. Knowing your risks is crucial in developing a crisis
management plan. However, this plan must remain flexible as operational
procedures are likely to shift in the future that could be due to a
variety of reasons. Additionally, by incorporating key personnel it will
benefit the organization as a whole due to the setting of expectations
and responsibility to ensure that risks are mitigated and properly

In response to the group project, I personally am not a
fan of group projects in an online setting. I think it limits
collaboration as we all work in different time zones. However, I think
our team is coping as best as it can, and communication is occurring.
Separately, lone wolf attacks are hard to identify as they maintain a
relatively low profile and aren’t attracting a lot of noise. The best
method that could limit the impact of an attack is by establishing
reactionary drills in the workplace. In the Marines, weapon familiarity
is crucial to ensure that the user is comfortable in various scenarios
with regards to weapon handling techniques. I believe that they same
mentally has to set in the workplace, where civilians will not freeze in
the moment but react soundly even under stress.


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