Central Washington University Forensic Examiners Discussion

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The most interesting thing about this course for me was finding out how many different tools there are available to forensic examiners and how they are used together to establish a complete forensics toolkit. Before this course, I imagined that there was a magical program that had all the tools necessary and that was all that was needed to perform a forensic examination, clearly, I was mistaken. For me, the most interesting and useful tool was EnCase. From a basic design perspective, I felt it was very user friendly and easy to learn how to use. Once I got the hang of utilizing the tool, it became clear how powerful the tool is to examiners. For other students taking this course in the future, I would suggest that they start the labs as early in the week as possible and pay close attention to learning the forensic processes and reasoning behind each step and not just going through the guides as a simple checklist. I found myself occasionally just cruising through the guides and then realizing I didn’t really comprehend or learn anything about the processes I was performing, I was simply completing them. Once I identified this issue, I really tried to slow down and pay more attention to what I was doing and I was able to soak up more of the information. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I learned a lot, I would recommend this course to any student interested in the field of digital forensics.


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