Central Washington University Science Cyber Threats Discussion

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Cyber threats have been significantly increasing over the last decade as the world has become very reliant on technology. The amount of personal data and sensitive information such as credit card information and banking details that is inputted onto the internet every day, it’s vital that there are security protections in place to protect that information. I would create a team of hackers and their job everyday is to see what they could hack into. Then I would have a team of cybersecurity that collaborates with the hackers on how they were able to get into certain things, so they could develop security protections. It’s really a game of chess and it’s important to find all the backdoor ways to get into different systems.

It is also important that each company and organization has training on cybersecurity and what their employees should and shouldn’t do. This will information them on what sensitive information is and how to properly handle it. Challenges I see still with this, is that some people will still do what they want, or try to get away with things. Therefore, it’s important to have a monitor on everyone’s computer so that if they do something they are not suppose to, it will send a notification to the security office.


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