chapter 12 of the etext covers security of tcp ip environments this lab will help you to examine a port scan and further your security understanding

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Chapter 12 of the eText covers Security of TCP/IP environments. This lab will help you to examine a port scan and further your security understanding.


This is the Module 12 Hands-On Project 12-2: Examine a Port Scan in Wireshark from MindTap.

Description: This project lets you examine a TCP-based port scan. TCP and UDP port scans are effective methods of reconnaissance, so you should learn to spot them as they take place.

  1. Download the ch12 Portscan.pcapng trace file to your computer.
  2. Start Wireshark. (In Windows 7, click the Start button, point to All Programs, and then click Wireshark. In Windows 10, click the Start button, click All apps, and then click Wireshark. Alternatively, use the Start menu search box [Windows 7] or the Search box on the taskbar [Windows 10], type Wireshark, and then click Wireshark in the resulting list.)
  3. Click File on the menu bar, click Open, select the ch12_Portscan.pcapng trace file, and then click the Open button. The packet summary window appears. This file contains a TCP reconnaissance probe process.
  4. Click Packet #1 and expand the Internet Protocol Version 4 and Transmission Control Protocol subtrees to view the full details of the packet. The first packet was sent to destination port number 1. What TCP flag is set in this packet?
  5. In the primary pane, just below the top pane, expand Internet Protocol Version 4.
  6. Click through the remaining packets in the trace file and answer these questions:
    1. How obvious is this port probe?
    2. If this probe continues through all the ports, will it detect the DHCP service process?
    3. Based on this set of probes, what ports are active on the destination device?
  7. Close Wireshark.
  8. Submit a Word document (.docx) with screen captures of Lab activities (Hands-On 12-2) to the assignment folder.

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