CHE 6304 Unit VII

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Unit VII Final Project

14% of course grade

Final Submission

In this final phase of the course project, you will bring all of your papers together and present their content to community stakeholders through a narrated PowerPoint presentation. In addition, your presentation will include how you will effectively evaluate the success of this program using one of the public health evaluation methods.

Your PowerPoint will include the following:

· Include a title slide with the presentation title, your name, Columbia Southern University, and the date.

· Introduce the community public health issue using data and evidence to support your rationale from Unit I.

· Provide information about the social determinants you discussed in Unit II.

· Discuss the community health assessment, and explain the needs from the community health assessment from Unit III.

· Explain the program evaluation plan you have chosen to implement with specific components and content from Unit V.

· Explain how you plan on sustaining this program from Unit VI.

· Include the references slide.

Your PowerPoint Presentation should contain at least 10 slides, not counting the title and references slides. Your presentation will need audio added to each slide with the transcript of the audio in the Notes section of each slide. Citations can be put on the slides or in the notes, where appropriate. References will be put on the References slide.


Adding Audio to PowerPoint document

 is a good resource for adding audio to PowerPoint slides.

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